Jacksonville, FL, January 25, 2008 –Press Release–

Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville Beach together with the University of Florida and Paversystems instruct another class and demonstration on installing the newest ecological interlocking pavements. “The reason we are working so hard to get the data on these new pavers is we believe they will have a large impact on local water quality and drainage conditions” said Chris Klotz- on site with Moderna Pavers. This new Subterra line of Belgard permeable pavers have received an excellent grade in water percolation studies. Moderna will be performing just the second installation of this new Subterra line in Florida. The first being at the HGTV dream home in Islamorada, FL only weeks earlier. Subterra Stone is the most natural looking permeable paver on the market. With six different natural stone texture and 13 different false joint patterns, The result: unmatched style and the appeal of actual cobblestones. Moderna, with Paversystems are making a big push to get these new pavers out to municipalities and local governments to increase awareness of the new ecological brick paving system. We are pleased to announce that the town of Atlantic Beach Florida has adopted new regulations dealing with the allowable use of these new permeable brick pavers. “It really is a system, and that system needs to be installed properly by a certified installer” Said Mike Costello- of Paversystems. Another important factor with the Subterra line and other interlocking brick paver systems is the better durability and long-term strength aiding to lower life-cycle costs than traditional rigid paving solutions, particularly in extreme conditions.

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