Jacksonville, FL, July 20, 2010 –Press Release–

Oldcastle Coastal, a local hardscape company, teamed up with Chris Klotz and his crew at Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville Beach for a unique paver installation. The project, a 100-foot-long by 30-foot-wide winding path at Oldcastles outdoor showroom at their plant in Jacksonville, was no small task. “We wanted to have a display area that flowed, so you could start at one end, walk down, and see all of the different displays and applications of each of our products”, Mike Costello, accounts manager for Oldcastle Coastal, explains of the space. “Moderna’s expertise included the application of borders around the different products and correlating wall work”.

Jacksonville, FL, January 25, 2008 –Press Release–

Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville Beach together with the University of Florida and Paversystems instruct another class and demonstration on installing the newest ecological interlocking pavements. “The reason we are working so hard to get the data on these new pavers is we believe they will have a large impact on local water quality and drainage conditions” said Chris Klotz- on site with Moderna Pavers. This new Subterra line of Belgard permeable pavers have received an excellent grade in water percolation studies. Moderna will be performing just the second installation of this new Subterra line in Florida. The first being at the HGTV dream home in Islamorada, FL only weeks earlier. Subterra Stone is the most natural looking permeable paver on the market. With six different natural stone texture and 13 different false joint patterns, The result: unmatched style and the appeal of actual cobblestones. Moderna, with Paversystems are making a big push to get these new pavers out to municipalities and local governments to increase awareness of the new ecological brick paving system. We are pleased to announce that the town of Atlantic Beach Florida has adopted new regulations dealing with the allowable use of these new permeable brick pavers. “It really is a system, and that system needs to be installed properly by a certified installer” Said Mike Costello- of Paversystems. Another important factor with the Subterra line and other interlocking brick paver systems is the better durability and long-term strength aiding to lower life-cycle costs than traditional rigid paving solutions, particularly in extreme conditions.

Jacksonville, FL, November 21, 2007 –Press Release–

landscape nursery and hardscape resource centers opens in a much needed section of St Johns County. Hollys Nursery a full service nursery and design center is already receiving local acclaim in northern St Augustine Florida. “Teaming up with local brick paver installation and supply company- Moderna Pavers (of nearby Jacksonville Beach) was an easy move bringing a full range of products and services to visitors of the nursery” Said an owner of the new nursery. Now visitors can experience a total package of backyard options from interlocking brick pavers to watergardens to outdoor kitchens to pergolas, all right here in St Augustine. The over 4 acre facility has just about everything you could imagine.

Jacksonville, FL, September 05, 2007 –Press Release–

New Eco-Friendly Pavers Are the Key to Improving Ground and Storm Water Runoff Affecting Our Local Streams Rivers and Lakes. Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville Beach together with the University of Florida and Paversystems instruct a class on installing the newest ecological interlocking pavements. These new pavers will be extensively tested to measure permeability and water quality as it absorbed into our local soil. Increasing water quality as it enters the St Johns river is key to the rivers healthy future. This permeable pavement site located in Hastings, FL, along with other sites near the St Johns were instrumented to determine runoff reduction performance. Most of the common pavement in developed areas leads to potential problems due to increased stormwater runoff and contaminant loads to receiving waters. With the assistance of the University of Florida, Paversystems – a Florida manufacturer of concrete interlocking pavers and Moderna Pavers – a Jacksonville based installation company have collaborated to produce and make available paving materials that can be used to locally infiltrate rainwater and reduce the runoff leaving a site. This can help to decrease downstream flooding, the frequency of combined sewer overflow (CSO) events, and the thermal pollution of sensitive waters. Use of these materials can also eliminate problems with standing water, provide for groundwater recharge, control erosion of streambeds and riverbanks, facilitate pollutant removal, and provide for a more aesthetically pleasing site. The effective imperviousness of any given project is reduced while land use is maximized. Alternative pavers can even eliminate the requirement for underground sewer pipes and conventional storm water retention/detention systems. The drainage of paved areas and traffic surfaces by means of permeable systems is an important building block within an overall Low Impact Development scheme that seeks to achieve a storm water management system close to natural conditions.

February 22, 2007 –Event Posting–

Looking forward to another great Home and Patio Show. The Jacksonville Home and Patio spring show is just around the corner. Be sure to join us at booth 300 with Florida Georgia Contractors to see our newest paver display. Previously voted “Best in Show” we are sure to draw some attention with our elaborate booth showcasing the latest trends. Show dates are March 4th through March 8th 2007. Project estimators and members of the paver installation crew will be on-site throughout the show to discuss projects and schedule at home consultations. Be sure to register for this year’s free paver patio and custom pergola giveaway.

Jacksonville, FL, January 12, 2005 –Press Release

Removing Your Concrete Driveway, and Recycling It. Recent popularity in using interlocking concrete brick pavers for new construction and remodel work has lead to an increase in the need to remove old cracked concrete driveways. Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville FL has assembled a rig designed to remove your driveway in a few hours- not a few days, leaving no mess behind. More traditional methods of removing concrete from your drive involved using a jackhammer, and a huge school bus sized roll off dumpster positioned outside your home for days. The dumpster is dangerous, very unsightly and the jackhammer can lead problems associated heavy vibrating close to your homes foundation. Moderna has developed an answer to this concern- they have created a hydraulic grapple system that reaches under the driveway, breaks it up in sections, and drops it safely into a custom designed tri axle dump truck. This truck takes your old drive to the recycling plant, leaving no damage, or mess behind. This new system streamlines the installation of a new brick paver driveway. “In some cases, we can remove concrete and install a new beautiful brick paver driveway in one day” Says an equipment operator for Moderna Pavers. Concrete demolition in Jacksonville has been a specialty for Moderna for many years.