Jacksonville, FL, January 12, 2005 –Press Release

Removing Your Concrete Driveway, and Recycling It. Recent popularity in using interlocking concrete brick pavers for new construction and remodel work has lead to an increase in the need to remove old cracked concrete driveways. Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville FL has assembled a rig designed to remove your driveway in a few hours- not a few days, leaving no mess behind. More traditional methods of removing concrete from your drive involved using a jackhammer, and a huge school bus sized roll off dumpster positioned outside your home for days. The dumpster is dangerous, very unsightly and the jackhammer can lead problems associated heavy vibrating close to your homes foundation. Moderna has developed an answer to this concern- they have created a hydraulic grapple system that reaches under the driveway, breaks it up in sections, and drops it safely into a custom designed tri axle dump truck. This truck takes your old drive to the recycling plant, leaving no damage, or mess behind. This new system streamlines the installation of a new brick paver driveway. “In some cases, we can remove concrete and install a new beautiful brick paver driveway in one day” Says an equipment operator for Moderna Pavers. Concrete demolition in Jacksonville has been a specialty for Moderna for many years.

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